We recommend the following description to be used on your payment page pertaining to convenience fees, if you are passing them onto the end-user. Feel free to use directly, or edit to suit your standards. 

This online service allows you to pay parking tickets (violations, citations and/or invoices) easily and conveniently. You can also check any outstanding parking tickets you may have.

For questions or concerns regarding paying your ticket online, please email [customer email] or call [customer phone].


All you need to get started is the parking ticket number, the licence plate number of your vehicle, and a valid credit card. Just enter the information requested in the form below and you will be guided through a simple, step by step process.

Convenience Fee

Please note that a Convenience Fee will be added to the cost of the ticket and is non-refundable. Both time and money are saved by meeting the early payment period, avoiding travel and parking costs, and avoiding bank charges for use of a cheque (if applicable). This fee covers the costs associated with maintaining a secured web payment portal that is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, costs of licensing and compliance auditing. The Convenience Fee is charged per transaction and is comparable to other 'handling' or administrative charges for online services.

If you do not want to pay this fee, you may contact us directly for additional payment options. Please note that we cannot accept e-transfer payments.

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