Step 1 

Navigate to Settings > Violation > External APIs.

Step 2

To add the API you wish to integrate with, click New External API

Step 3

Choose the API type, and enter a name of your choice. You will be asked to enter account details or API key for the given API. This information will be provided by the external application once you have created an account. 

Step 4

Once you have created the external API you will now need to link each of the locations separately. Navigate to Settings > Violation > Locations 

Step 5 

Select edit on the location you wish to link, then click the Manage API Settings tab at the top of the Location Details page

Step 6

Select the API type from the drop-down and enter the required information.

For example
For Honk Mobile, select the Zone ID of the location from Honk Mobile you wish to link with your SecurePark location. (This information will be provided by Honk Mobile when you are setting up an account.)