To install SecurePark Mobile App on any Android device, follow the instructions below. Please note, SecurePark is not currently available for Apple devices.  

Step 1

Navigate to the Google Play Store. In the search bar, enter in SecurePark (no spaces). The app will pop up at the top; click Install (see below).

Step 2

Once SecurePark is installed, open up the app (it should be found under your "Apps" section on your phone). Once opened, the login screen below will be displayed.

Step 3

To access the Mobile App you will need to have signed up for an account in SecurePark Admin Console. For more information on this, see the Quick Start Guide

Enter your email address and password and click LOG IN.


Add your email address to your dictionary so that it comes up as a word choice when entering your log-in. Go to settings --> language and input --> Samsung Keyboard -->Text shortcut, add your email address