Step One

Navigate to Settings > Violation > External APIs

Step Two

Click New API. Name the API and select Parkeon from the API type drop-down

Step Three 

Enter the Parkeon URL (this will be provided by Parkeon)

Step Four

Now that you have successfully integrated with Parkeon you must link your locations within SecurePark to your Parkeon locations.

Navigate to Settings > Violation > Locations 

Step Five

Select the location you wish to link to Parkeon and select Edit. Then, select the Manage API Settings tab.

Step Six

Select the Parkeon checkbox. Then, select the External API you just created from the API Configuration drop down.

Enter the Parkeon Site ID and Requestor ID (this information will be provided by Parkeon)

All of the validations for that Parkeon site will be view-able within SecurePark.

Note: it is recommended to create some test validations in Parkeon to ensure that the API has been set up correctly.