Step 1

Log in to with your email and password.

Step 2

License plates on either the Whitelist or Blacklist are affiliated with an individual tenant within a location. Using the menu on the left side of the dashboard, find the heading GUEST REGISTRATION and click TENANTS:

Step 3

Click on the desired tenant in the list.

Note: If there are many tenants under one location, there may be a specific tenant labeled "Whitelist" where the white and black lists are housed (rather than having to manage them individually under each tenant). The reason for this is that each specific tenant has their own White-and-Blacklists; however, some locations may find it easier to manage the lists under the Location view. In that case, it's either to create a separate tenant and manage the entire list via that tenant. 

Step 4

From the Tenants view you can now scroll down to the bottom of the page and access the Whitelists and Blacklists there: 

Step 5

To view and edit the Lists, click on the View Whitelist or View Blacklist buttons. This will open the list where you can then add or remove vehicles if you wish.