Step 1

To start, log in to with your email and password.

Step 2

License plates on either the whitelist or blacklist are affiliated with an individual tenant within a location. Using the menu on the left side of the dashboard, find the heading ‘Locations’ and click ‘List Locations’

Step 3

Click on the desired location.

Step 4

In the ‘View Location’ tab you will first see the name of the location, underneath that the address and location number, and at the bottom, the list of tenants at that location.

Step 5

Click on the tenant you want to add the whitelisted or blacklisted plate to.

Step 6

This will take you to the ‘View Tenant’ screen. At the bottom of the ‘View Tenant’ screen (below ‘Registration Types’) you will see two options for ‘Vehicle Whitelist’ and ‘Vehicle Blacklist.’

Step 7

To add a vehicle to the Whitelist or Blacklist – simply click ‘View Whitelist’ or ‘View Blacklist’ and a screen will pop up with a button that says ‘Add to Whitelist’ or ‘Add to Blacklist.’ Follow the instructions, click ‘Save,’ and you’re done!