1. How do I sign up for a trial? 

You can either contact us at hello@securepark.io, or fill out the form here

2. How do I issue a violation? 

You will need to be a user in the SecurePark system and have been given access to the mobile app. (For user accessibility, see this article). Then, download the app onto your smartphone, log in with your email and password and start issuing violations. For more information on how the app works, check out this article here

3. How do I create a violation type? 

Under Settings -> Violation in the SecurePark admin console, click on Violation Types, then New Violation Type in the top corner (the big orange button). Create a name and abbreviation; if this is a courtesy notice (where no monetary value is assigned), be sure to check off ✓ Set as Courtesy Notice. Then, hit save! 

4. How do I configure an invoice?

In the admin console, go to Settings -> Violation -> Invoice Configurations. You can either edit an existing invoice, or add a new one by clicking the orange New Invoice Configuration button in the top right hand corner. 

There are two required fields: the name of the invoice configuration (this is not shown on the actual invoice, it is just for referencing) and the size of the invoice number. The disclaimer field can include why the invoice was issued. For more information on invoice configuration, see the article here

5. How do I Download Reports? 

There are multiple different types of reports; 7 of those can be found under the Reports tab in the web console: 

All of these reports can be downloaded as an excel (.xlsx) or PDF file and can be sorted by date range, group and location list. 

There is also a Violation report that pulls all data for a list of violations. After running a search, you can export the results into an excel spreadsheet.